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Cyst Removal

Cysts are stealthy ailments, forming protective barriers around dental roots to prevent infection. Early detection, typically through X-rays, is crucial, given the potential absence of symptoms initially. Regular diagnostics are essential. Immune compromise can trigger cyst inflammation, prompting urgent medical intervention due to symptoms like sudden toothache, weakness, gum swelling, and fever.


Cysts shield dental roots and may lack symptoms early on, detectable by X-rays; reduced immunity can cause inflammation, leading to sudden toothache and fever.

What it treats

Granuloma, Cyst, Abscess, Radicular cyst


30 - 60 mins

What is
Cyst Removal?

Cysts are silent diseases in their early stages, often showing no symptoms. They form as protective capsules around dental roots to fend off infections. Detection typically relies on X-ray imaging, although sudden toothaches can signal their presence.

Regular diagnostics are crucial due to the potential absence of symptoms in the initial phases. However, lowered immunity, such as during a cold, may lead to purulent inflammation within the cyst, manifesting as acute pain, weakness, gum swelling, and fever, necessitating prompt medical intervention.

Why it is done

  • Loss of a tooth

  • Inflammatory processes in soft tissues (periostitis, phlegmon, abscess, etc.)

  • The appearance or further aggravation of sinusitis, inflammation of the lymph nodes

  • Blood poisoning, in some cases fractures of the jaw are possible.

What New we do?

We use high end technology all tissue laser and pizeo ultrasonic surgery which help to reduce post operative pain swelling and give promotes faster healing so that you can resume your tasty food faster

Complications & Side Effects

  • Loss of bone

  • Additional grating may require which add on cost


  • Reinfection

  • Swelling

  • Transient paresthesia


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