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Maxillary Sinus Lift

Maxillary sinus lift surgery is crucial for facilitating dental implant placement in the upper jaw. By elevating the sinus membrane, space is created for bone grafting material, promoting successful integration of dental implants. This procedure, conducted before or during implant placement, enhances bone support and stability, ensuring long-lasting dental restorations.


A Maxillary sinus lift surgery enhances bone beneath the upper jaw sinus for dental implants. The procedure involves lifting the sinus membrane to create space for bone grafts and implants, often done before or during implant placement.

What it treats

Maxillary alveolar ridge atrophy provide sufficient bone to place dental implants and prosthesis


60-90 mins

What is Maxillary Sinus Lift ?

Maxillary sinus lift surgery is a common dental procedure essential for facilitating dental implant placement in the upper jaw. The maxillary sinuses, located near the nose, above certain upper teeth, and below the eye, contain air-filled spaces.

In this procedure, the delicate membrane lining the sinus cavity is gently elevated or 'lifted,' creating space beneath it for bone grafting material. This augmentation allows for the successful integration of dental implants, either preceding or concurrent with the implant procedure itself. By enhancing bone support and stability, sinus lifts pave the way for durable and aesthetically pleasing dental restorations.

Why it is done ?

Many people who have lost the back teeth in their upper jaw do not have enough bone for implants to be placed. Sinus lift procedures offer the possibility to create sufficient bone under the sinus to place dental implants towards the back of the upper jaw.

The bone is added between your jaw and the sinuses. The timeframe from this procedure to dental restoration varies from 6-12 months, but can be longer.

What New we do?

We have experience oral and maxillofacial surgeon expert in treating such conditions and we use piezo ultrasonic device to lift the membrane which helps to reduce the post operative problems to the least.

Complications & Side Effects

  • Pain to be controlled with simple painkillers e.g. ibuprofen and paracetamol

  • Swelling to be at its worst after two days

  • Bruising over the cheek and spreading over lower jaw

  • To feel better after stitches are removed in 10 days’ time

  • To feel back to normal after 2-3 weeks

  • Numbness from local anesthetic

  • Your sinuses may feel “full” or “blocked” for some weeks after the surgery

  • Infection

  • Graft exposure


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