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Searching for a Laser Hair Removal Center?

In the past, laser hair removal was a well-kept secret, reserved for the elite.

At Cosmolaser, we’ve been providing these treatments for years, witnessing the transformation of the aesthetics industry over time. We take great pride in our flagship clinic located in Sharjah, with dreams of expanding our reach nationwide. However, our current focus is to share our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of aesthetics, with no bounds to our aspirations.

Embracing a New Era of Male
Health and Skincare

Empathising with our clients is at the core of our approach. If visiting our clinic isn’t feasible for you, don’t hesitate to reach out via email, and we’ll guide you on the appropriate treatment plan for future consideration. This article is our way of shedding light on what we recommend when it comes to seeking laser hair removal treatment.

Your Role as a Patient

Verify Regular Machine Maintenance:
Ensure the laser machine is regularly calibrated and serviced by the manufacturer, adhering to the legal requirements set by the MOH in Sharjah.

Qualified Practitioners:
Opt for practitioners with a medical or biological background and expertise in the physiological interactions that govern the laser settings and provide you with sound advice during your treatment. Assessments related to medication, lifestyle, and overall health are vital to guarantee the safety of your treatment and prevent unnecessary procedures.

Informed Consent:
Always engage in a comprehensive consultation and sign a Consent Form prior to any treatment.

Appropriate Timing:
Schedule your treatments at consistent intervals but refrain from doing so when no hair is present.

Skin Care Guidance:
Seek pre-treatment and post-treatment skincare advice. No matter where you decide to undergo your treatment, we sincerely hope you make a well-informed and secure choice.

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